I would like to address some issues that are of concern to all of us.  For many months now some of you have contacted me questioning the progress of the building under construction at the old Cost Cutter site.  I have shared in your frustration on the lack of progress.  I met back in February with the project manager to establish a time line for construction.  He presented me with the time line that included completion of the project by early summer.  I instructed the Construction Official, Mr. Paul Renaud to conduct weekly inspections of the property and report back to me.  Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and no work was performed at the site until recently.  I am hopeful that they will still be able to adhere to their completion date.

Our other area of concern is the deterioration of the Cost Cutter building and its unsightliness.  In that regard, I attended a hearing before Judge Rosa yesterday in Hackensack to get information regarding a case, that the Borough is not involved in.  525 Livingston Street Associates LLC, the landlord has served notice on his tenant, Ronnie’s Bagels to vacate the property.  The case will be heard on April 14, 2015.  The reason for the hearing is that the tenant is seeking monetary compensation for closing his business.  Unfortunately for Norwood, this is holding up the project and preventing the landlord from taking down the building and beginning the second phase of his project to construct senior housing and retail stores.  I will keep you updated on the progress of this case and am hopeful that all will be settled to everyone’s satisfaction and we the residents will benefit from a new and attractive building and additional housing for our seniors.




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