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Office of the Borough of Norwood Administrator

Borough Administrator:

Jordan Padovano, RMC
455 Broadway
Norwood, NJ 07648
Phone: 201-784-2965
Fax: 201-784-2270

Duties and responsibilities:

(1) The Borough Administrator shall be Chief Administrative Officer of the Borough subject to the policies and directives of the governing body.

(2) Further, the Borough Administrator shall:

  • Direct and supervise the administration of all departments, divisions and offices of the Borough government, together with the members of the governing body assigned as liaison or commissioner of said departments.
  • Prescribe and enforce administrative rules to be followed by each department.
  • Carry on a continuing review of department performance, evaluate the present level of services and make recommendations for change when indicated.
  • Introduce improved methods and practices to facilitate more efficient delivery of municipal services.
  • Be responsible for the maintenance and enforcement of personnel policies and practices.
  • Be responsible for collective bargaining on behalf of the Borough.
  • Provide liaison with all Borough professionals, including but not limited to the Borough Engineer, the Borough Auditor and the Borough Attorney.
  • Provide liaison with the Planning Board, Board of Adjustment as well as other boards of the Borough and the professionals who serve those boards.
  • Study, recommend to the Mayor and Council and provide liaison for any county, state or federal services or grants for which the Borough may be eligible.