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Location:  455 Broadway, Norwood, NJ 07648
Phone:  201-767-7200 ext. 4020
Fax:  201-784-2270

Tax Assessor: John Guercio
Tax Assessor Assitant:  Robert Brescia
Hours:  Wednesday - 4:15-8:15 PM
The Assessor is available by appointment to any member of the public that wishes to meet with him

The Assessor as an agent of the Legislature has the following governmental responsibilities:

  1. Discovery and location of all real and certain personal property
  2. Listing and description of property in a systematic, convenient manner
  3. Determination of taxability based on a wide variety of tax exemption and deduction statutes
  4. Valuation of property through an appraisal of each property and an assessment based on that appraised value.
  5. Tax equalization responsibilities via district revaluation programs and for purposes of distributing State Aid to schools
  6. Defense of assessments upon appeal

Office Records

  1. Tax Maps
  2. Land value maps
  3. Deeds
  4. Property Record Cards
  5. Tax deductions and exemption forms: Senior Citizens, Veterans, Disabled Veterans, Initial and further Statements, and Farmland applications
  6. Exempt Property Lists
  7. Assessment Lists
  8. Added Assessment Lists
  9. Omitted Assessment Lists
  10. Omitted-Added Assessment Lists
  11. Sales Ratio Data

 Here is a link to the Bergen County Tax Board residents can use for additional searches: