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Boards & Committees


The Ethics Board has the following powers:

The Board shall have the following powers:

  1. To initiate, receive, hear and review complaints and hold hearings with regard to possible violations of the Code of Ethics or financial disclosure statements by officers or employees serving the Borough.
  2. To issue subpoenas for the production of documents and the attendance of witnesses with respect to its investigation of any complaint or to the holding of a hearing.
  3. To forward to the County Prosecutor or the Attorney General or other governmental body any information concerning violations of the Code of Ethics or financial disclosure requirements by officers or employees serving the Borough, which may become the subject of criminal prosecution or which may warrant the institution of other legal proceedings by the Attorney General.
  4. To render advisory opinions to officers or employees serving the Borough as to whether a given set of facts and circumstances would constitute a violation of any provision of the Code of Ethics or financial disclosure requirements.
  5. To enforce the provisions of the Code of Ethics and financial disclosure requirements with regard to officers or employees serving the Borough and to impose penalties for the violation thereof as are authorized by this chapter.
  6. To adopt rules and regulations and to do other things as are necessary to implement the purposes of this chapter.

Click here to for a copy of the Code of Ethics:

Click here for a copy of the Norwood Ethics Complaint Form


The Board of Health was established per Title 26 of the Revised Statutes of the State of New Jersey as outlined in Chapter 10 of the Code of the Borough of Norwood. The Board consists of seven members who are appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Council for terms of three years. Alternate members are appointed for two years and appointments to fill vacancies are made in the same manner as original appointments for the unexpired term only.

The Board of Health has the power and authority to adopt ordinances relating to the protection of the health of Borough residents and shall employ the necessary personnel to do so. The Bureau of Vital Statistics of the Borough and the Health Officer are under its jurisdiction.

The Board meets the first Monday of the month at 6:30 PM, Council Chambers, Borough Hall, 455 Broadway, except in January and September. There are no meetings held for the months of July and August. For additional information, please call Debbie Whalen at 201 767-7204 or e-mail her at dwhalen@norwoodboro.org.

The Planning Board oversees land use in the Borough pursuant to New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law (N.J.S.A.40:55D). Since the Borough has a population of less than 15,000, in February of 2001, the Mayor and Council adopted Ordinance No. 01:01 authorizing the Planning Board to exercise all of the powers of a Board of Adjustment.

Building permit applications for residential or commercial structures, including additions that do not conform to the Schedule of General Requirements of the Zoning Code (setbacks) and require a variance, must submit an application to the Planning Board for determination of approval or denial. Therefore, the Board hears applications for subdivisions, site plans, use variances and zoning variances. Another of its major function is to review the Borough’s Master Plan and Official Map.

The Planning Board membership consists of four classes and the members in each class are appointed as follows:

Class I, the Mayor; Class II, one official of the Borough other than a member of the governing body to be appointed by the Mayor; Class III, a member of the governing body to be appointed; Class IV, six citizens of the Borough to be appointed by the Mayor; one alternate member for Class II, one alternate member for Class III and two alternate members for Class IV, all to be appointed by the Mayor.

Detailed description of membership and duties of the Planning Board can be found in Borough of Norwood Code, Chapter 230, Sections 7 through 30.

The Board meets the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 P.M. in Council Chambers,

455 Broadway. For additional information or applications, please call Lindsay Volpitta at 201-767-7420 or e-mail her at lvolpitta@norwoodboro.org

The Recreation Committee meets the first Monday of each month at 8:00 P.M. at Norwood Borough Hall, 455 Broadway in the All Purpose Room. The sports activities and programs sponsored by the Recreation Committee are

Baseball                                   12 & under                   13 – 16            16 – 18

Basketball                                 15 – 18                                                                                  18 & over

Cheerleading                            10 – 12                        12 – 14

Competitive Dance                  10 – 14

Football                                     7 – 10                            10 – 12             12 – 14

Soccer                                      12 & under                     13 – 15

Softball                                     12 & under                     13 – 16               16-18               18 & over

Teen Social                              12 – 18

Norwood’s Summer Recreation Program is offered to Norwood Residents only. It operates Monday through Friday (rain or shine) from 9:00 A.M. to 12 Noon during the month of July for children entering first grade through sixth grade in September. Watch for flyers regarding exact days and cost per child which will include registration fees.

For specific questions regarding recreation activities, please contact the Director of Recreation, Anthony Plescia, at 201-522-3469.