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Mayor & Council

The Borough of Norwood is a corporate body, having a corporate seal, with full power to make and enforce policy ordinances and impose penalties, enter into contracts and appropriate and expend moneys, and exercise the powers of taxation, borrowing and condemnation. The municipal corporation is comprised of a Mayor and six Council members. Each Council member chairs a committee that they are responsible for. Below is a listing of these committees.

Finance & Insurance

(Rooney, Kim & Ascolese) Revenue Administration, Finance Administration, Treasurer, Purchasing, Insurance, Auditor

Public Safety

Police Commissioner (Ascolese); Fire Commissioner (Rooney); EMS Liaison (Foschino)

Public Utilities

(Brizzolara, Rooney, Kim) Recycling, Bulk and Solid Wastes, Environmental, Street Lighting, Electric, Gas, Water

Health & Welfare

(Hausmann, Ascolese, Brizzolara) Board of Health, Animal Control

Public Works, Buildings & Grounds & Sewers

(Foschino, Hausmann, & Rooney) Public Works Department, Sewers, Parks and Playgrounds, Municipal Engineer, Buildings & Grounds

Personnel/Labor Relations

(Ascolese, Brizzolara, Rooney) Collective Bargaining Agreements, Municipal Attorney, Personnel Policy,


(Barsa) Public Events, Recreation Programs/Summer Recreation, Field Permits


(Brizzolara, Kim, & Ascolese) Code Enforcement, Zoning Official, Construction Officials, Fire Prevention, Planning Board

Senior Citizen/Library

(Ascolese) Senior Citizen Club;  (Kim) Library Board Liaison

Board of Education

(Kim) Northern Valley Regional and Norwood Boards of Education Liaison

Community Development



(Hausmann) Open Space Trust Fund Grants and Community Development Block Grants